Sunday, November 22, 2009

An intimate note to the Beloved within

Doubts create separation
Not separation creates doubts

Separation is Suffering, not Learning
for love alone is oneness

Love between minds is bound by separation of time and space
love between hearts is bound by separation of emotions & feelings
Love between souls is never ever bounded by boundaries of relationship

Such a love without relationships thus can never created nor can be destroyed
it is as old as the mountains , as old as time , yet young and rejuvenation every moment

dreams can cause expectations,
expectations can cause judgment
judgment can cause choices
choices can cause confusion
where confusion exist, there is fear to choose the right
fear causes conflicts
separation is always within not without
loving oneself ceases this separation ,
At las ! I had to be loved to learn i to love

such a great pain that i've ever felt in my life....

``kavip preya

You are the best lover...

didn't expect that everything will end so fast. I'm so happy when you were comforting me all the time whenever I'm happy,sad, and all the time you was with me. But now when i turned and look at the back you just vanished. God given me a precious gem which i can search anywhere in the world. Unfortunately HE took everything from me. I was the most happiest person when i got u as my everything but i have no you. I such an unlucky girl. Even though, you are not with me anymore i still can i still can feel the sweetest of our love. Give my life with you one word but don't forget to keep your promise.

``kavip preya

Last Blog Post

I think this post will probably be my last post on this Muraliz Kidz blog. This is week 12 already. When I realized the time passes by so fast, I actually got shocked. Our blog, began from week 2, now passed 10 weeks already. Muraliz Kidz, task group will be separated after this.

I want to talk about meeting icebreakers. What are meeting icebreakers? Meeting icebreakers, whether they are games or mental activities, go a long way in providing vital energy to people gathered together in meetings and seminars. If icebreakers are well chosen, they can ease a person through the discomfort of getting to know the others at a meeting better. I’m sure all of us need this help don’t we? This article will show you how to pick the best meeting icebreakers for your group.

Meeting icebreakers are indeed a great way for companies and organizations to get started with meetings and training sessions. There are virtually hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands, of possible meeting icebreakers that you could use during your next meeting or training session. However, always keep I n mind that icebreakers are not all equally appropriate for every circumstance. The best icebreaker is something that fits in with the meeting’s agenda and needs. So it is very important to know what the functions of icebreakers are.

How to Choose the Best Meeting Icebreaker?

The size of the group – Some meeting icebreakers work well in larger groups, while others work better for smaller groups. If there are too many people in the meeting, split them into smaller groups.

The purpose of the meeting – What are you going to do with the group once the icebreaker round is over? Will you be brainstorming for new ideas? Will you be discussing results? Will you be introducing a new project? Remember to match the mood of the meeting icebreaker to that of the meeting. Always be on the lookout and be prepared to switch icebreakers if you have misjudged the mood.

The purpose of the icebreaker – Will it awaken the group or energize them? Will it make introductions easier? Remember that you don’t have to restrict icebreakers to the starting of the meeting. A well-timed icebreaker has the ability to encourage creativity and lift flagging energy levels.

What is required – Icebreakers are effective only if they have been explained properly. Complicated meeting icebreakers require more preparation. Try to choose the simpler ones over the complicated icebreakers.

What materials are required – Verbal icebreakers are the best and there are no materials required. Flip charts and pens are generally required at meetings so stick to icebreakers that require these materials. However, if you are looking for something that’s more complicated, then make a checklist of all the things that you would require and bring them along with you.

Louis Beh ®

Confident Non-verbal Communication

Your non-verbal communication which is more frequently but narrowly referred to as body language, is a universally overlooked area to improve your confidence in communication and general self-perception. The majority of people aim to build their confidence but rarely consider the power of communicating confidence non-verbally.

You need to have high self-awareness in order to be aware of your body language. It's a matter of knowing what you do in certain situations. When you have poor body language others can see fear in you.

Moving eye contact - people with low confidence levels rarely make eye contact and when they do, as soon as the other person returns that eye contact the person looks away. You do not look silly looking the other person in the eyes. In fact, you look weirder and would be annoying the other person more so when you do not make eye contact.

Weak touch - otherwise known as haptics, touch involves bodily contact. What haptics we are interested in to develop confident non-verbal communication is mostly the handshake. You will rarely use any other haptics other then a handshake in a normal social situation. It's not as if you normally go around patting people on the back or stroking their arm. That's just strange!

Stay away - looking at body positions relative to one another now otherwise known as proxemics. What I mean by "relative to one another" is the distance between you and the other person. You are most comfortable with an intimate or well known person being close to you as opposed to someone you just met. However, people with low confidence will have a much wider radius of comfort. A more confident person will not show fear when someone "breaks" their comfortable proxemics. This doesn't mean they are comfortable with the closeness, it just means they don't show the uncomfortably. They desire the other person to stay away but they cope with the situation.

Carry yourself - the last non-verbal communication technique I feel is valuable in developing confidence is kinesics. It involves body movement. Possibly the most important kinesics in confidence is posture. A slouched posture not only screams an unconfident person, but it has a physical and psychological effect on the person with the poor posture. The physical effect of slouching your shoulders forward is it causes your chest to compress inwards. Your chest compressing simulates expelling air causing you to breathe shallowly. This means if you have poor posture you will have poor breathing.

Louis Beh ®

Monday, November 16, 2009

Presentation Aids

Being in my second semester of my foundation program, I have to deal with many assignments in which a number of them deal with presentations. I’ve witnessed an equal amount of good and bad presentations. The outstanding presenters usually have good presentation aids to support them.
These good presentation aids have a few things in common:-
1) Usage of easily seen colours
a. These aids are usually written in bold, solid colours with contrasting backgrounds as these colours go easy on the eyes.
2) Usage of direct phrases
a. The words used in the presentation aids are simple, straight-to-the-point and simple. This allows the speaker to elaborate on his free will to avoid sounding rehearsed.
3) Usage of aid to highlight a few essential points
a. The points which are highlighted in the presentation aids are the important points.
4) Usage of easily read typeface
a. Presenters use fonts which are simple and not too fancy. Easily read font types reflect professionalism.
5) Title
a. Good presentation aids have titles or headings which show the audience what to anticipate or expect from the speaker.

-Carmen Lee-

Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to crash a party....

1. Do research... Know the party you are about to crash into.

2. Never crash a party that a relative or someone you know is going to.

3. Make sure never reveal your identity under ANY circumstances.

4. Your body language has to be passive.

5. Use the self-fulfilling prophecy to your advantage.

6. When speaking to guards / bouncers at the club or the party, Never mention the name of the host or the hostess. Instead, just say "Is he/she already there," or any others matter that mite occur to you.

MOST Important is be wary of your body language. Use the self-fulfilling prophecy to trick your body that it is an old-fried's party and when you can trick yourself, definitely you can trick anyone.

Being super sensitive

Have you ever get a call at the wrong moment or the just when things around you are not going very well? Well, try being tactful next time for all of you who loves calling the other person. A way to be polite to is that when you call someone, try to listen out what sound that goes through the earpiece, if you hear someone calling the person's name or a cat or you just hear something going on at the background, just try to ask whether the person is busy or is it a wrong moment to call. You can also just simply ask without the need of the background sounds. This way, the person who picks up the phone will know you are a caring and sensitive person enough. And, even though the person is not busy, they will know for sure.

~Daryl Justin De Rozario~

Come to an End

Time flies, we, muralizkidz has been formed for 11 weeks already. And I am just wondering, if we only a group which is a task group? If we do not communicate after we finish this sem? It is very important memories for each member of us. I enjoy my human communication classes so far, I have good groupmates, I have good lecturer, I have learnt a lot too.

Carmen Lee, is a group leader in mind. She is a responsible person, I learned a lot from her. However, sometimes she will be kind of crazy? She will laugh loudly like a mad lady? She is also our human communication class rep as well.

Daryl, a very creative person in our group. Most of the ideas came from him, his brain is containing many information that normal person cannot reach. He, is a good editor too! He edited our group video very well! Also, he was the person who came out with that idea to capture the video.

Amin, creative as well as Daryl? He discussed the movie with Daryl.

Preya, is a smart lady? She can understand what Murali says in class. She can absorb the knowledge easily. Also, she dare to ask questions as well.

Me, is just a very normal person compare to them. I caused many problems for them, I think? Yet, they can solve it also. I am a person who lack of interpersonal communication skills. So, I have always been silent when discussed something with them. I hope I can overcome this problem in the future.

Louis Beh ®


Self-disclosure is seen as a useful strategy for sharing information with others. By sharing information, we become more intimate with other people and our interpersonal relationship is strengthened. Read about self-disclosure and then complete the interactive activity and take a short quiz to test your understanding of the concept.

Self-disclosure is not simply providing information to another person. Instead, scholars define self-disclosure as sharing information with others that they would not normally know or discover. Self-disclosure involves risk and vulnerability on the part of the person sharing the information.

Louis Beh ®

How to sleep in the class...zzz

Friends there are 10 steps that you need to follow to accomplish sleeping in the class during the lectures teaching.

  1. Find a spot away from the teachers desk, and other people. The corner is best.
  2. Make sure there is a friend near you to wake you up if needed.
  3. The "I Dropped Something" Method: Place a pencil on the floor near your desk on the right side. Place your left arm horizontally on the edge of the desk. Put forehead on the arm. Let your right arm flop down as if you are reaching for the pencil.
  4. The Book Method: Set up your left arm in the same way as the last method. Open a book and place it on your lap. Place your head down on your arm. Place your right hand on the pages.
  5. The Book Method #2: Place a hardcover book on your desk opened to the very middle (so the pages don't turn themselves.) Put your elbows on your desk next to the book with your forearms up. Using your hands shield your eyes like a sun visor/ baseball cap.
  6. The Desk Method: Put your arm and head in the usual positions. Reach inside your desk, as if you are rummaging for something.
  7. The "I'm taking notes method": Place some paper or notes, preferably with some writing on them, on the table. Place your left elbow on the table and rest the corner of your forehead on the heel of your left palm. Face your head downwards so that you are looking at the edge of your desk. Hold a pen in your right hand to the paper in front of you, as though you were writing something. Also, you can adjust your seat so that you tilt your head and body away from the teacher as much as possible. Switch hands where necessary so that the arm you're resting on shields you from the teacher.
  8. Grab a book and put in standing up on your desk shielding your face from the teacher.
  9. Try to cup your face if you are reading something. To do this, cup your hands around your eyes and rest your chin in your palms.
  10. The long hair no-fail method: If your teacher stands in one place, and you have excessively long bangs, put them in front of your face about a few minutes before you decide to sleep. Then, fold your arms on your desk and rest your chin on your arms so your face is facing the teacher. As a variation on this method, if you are allowed to have a backpack or large bag during class, place it on your lap and fold your arms over it as if you are hugging it. Rest your head on top of the bag, instead of the desk, as this gives you a more upright posture, and looks less suspicious. Sweet dreams!

``kavip preya,,